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"Apps from Vidalingua are hugely popular... they're free and they work offline, handy when you're actually abroad."

New York Times

101 Lessons ✦ 1,190 Phrases ✦ 4,027 Exercises ✦ Practice Speaking ✦ Track Progress ✦ Have Fun!

Want to learn a language to pass a class, travel abroad, make new friends, find a partner or just because you enjoy it?

Lingidy is a fresh new app for learning languages that is amazingly effective and fantastically fun.

Lingidy drops you into real life situations immediately. You’ll take the shortest path to talking and understanding the language. Within an hour you’ll have mastered basic phrases to get a conversation started. In time, Lindigy will help you master the language with 101 lessons, 1,190 phrases and 4,027 exercises to keep you engaged and make it fun.

Lingidy won’t waste your time with silly vocabulary games because who gives a hoot. Instead, you’ll learn useful expressions for getting around, finding fun things to do, and meeting new people. Sure, we’ve got tons of lessons about hotels, airports, restaurants and getting directions. But we’ve got a bunch of lessons you won't find in any app like taking a limo, hanging out in a hot tub, flirting with the locals, and swearing like a local.

Lingidy uses interactive exercises to make language learning enjoyable. You’ll learn how to understand the language by listening to phrases pronounced. Users can practice speaking with exercises that use advanced voice recognition to analyze their pronunciation. Other exercises test your ability to construct phrases and write words in an engaging way.


"What a great app! It’s helped me to learn Spanish so easily and improve rapidly. There are heaps of lessons to get you through all the trials of traveling abroad like finding a place to sleep, finding transportation or a way of communicating. Also there are many phrases that you can use at a club, the pub or at restaurants. It might be nice to have one about being in a tappas bar! Search around the app and enjoy!"

"I’ve tried many of the popular apps for learning languages like Drops, Babbel, Duolingo, yada, yada. But here’s the thing, they all make you follow a deterministic path to learn a language like if you were at grade school. But I don’t want to learn the name for fruits in Spanish for an hour then be forced to learn the names of vegetables. I want to learn useful phrases for going to the pub, or hanging out at the beach. Enter Lingidy. The lessons are actually stuff I would use in real life, on a trip, tooling around town. "

"This is a great beginning friendly app that teaches you all the phrases you need to start conversing. The voice lessons are super clear and help a lot when learning pronunciation."

" I've downloaded lot of apps over time and this one is a welcome addition. The app gets right to business, not a lot of time on limited use vocab or games. The lessons dive right in to topics like Transportation, Lodging, Getting Around, etc. But the app feels up contemporary, not just the typical lesson on getting by in a hotel, but also phrases to use at the hostel, Airbnb and camp grounds ⛺ Learned a few phrases to use in the Limo too, lol. Exercises are challenging and keep you engaged. Good app to have on your next trip."

"I don’t usually write reviews but I really want to share how helpful this app is! It has pushed me to pronounce realistic phrases instead of just learning vocabulary (like most other language apps). I’m about to travel to Germany and my friends are so shocked that I already sound like a local."

Languages Supported

Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Hindi, Japanese & more on the way.

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